Motion Graphic Designer / Editor



I'd like to make a toast.

I may not know who you are, the content of your character, or what series of events brought you to my site, but I do know that I have your attention. And that’s good enough.

We could talk about my physical attributes. Five foot nine. Embattled hairline. Easily sunburnt skin.
But we won’t.

We could talk about my childhood in the Bahamas. Nonalcoholic hobbies. Work experience as an Assistant Editor at Florentine Films. We won't be doing that, either.

Because this isn’t about me. It’s about you. You’ve come here to see if Brian Lee can help (insert your name here). That answer is a resounding "maybe".

Look at my Demo Reel. Watch my short animations and Lakay documentary. Take a gander at my print work. Swish them around your brain for a while. Absorb. 

Do you like what you see? I hope so. I made it all for you. If not, there's plenty of other stuff out there.